Project Description

capacity building for technology transfer and development of sustainable solutions

We organize Your Training in the field of

  •  identification of needs and potentials for technical training
  • electrical energy generation and management
    • wind energy service and maintenance for grid connected and stand alone systems
    • solar energy for grid connected and stand alone systems
    • biogas, hydropower
  • entrepreneurship for small business, Public Private Partnership
  • curriculum development and teacher training for environmentally sound technics
  • thermal energy generation and management
    • fire wood and energy saving
    • solar thermal heat for drying, cooking
    • biogas
    • solar cookers
  • local construction technologies, improved earth architecture
  • water supply and sanitation for rural communities

    • companies, NGOs, municipalities,…
    • decision makers, planning and administrative personnel
    • technicians, craftsmen, engineers, service personnel
    • teachers and other multiplicators

The artefact approach:

from scientific research to practical application Synergetic effects by linking potentials for innovative technology from different countries

  • identification of regionally sound technical options climate, political and administrative framework, status
  • technical training and intercultural learning at home: cooperation with research institutes in the German-Scandinavian border region University courses SESAM (Sustainable Energy Systems and Management ) and Energy and Environmental Management (Prof. Hohmeyer) in Flensburg
  • development work in Germany operation of a training centre with regenerative energy supply and innovative architecture for the training of European and international target groups sensitization of politics, business, banks, public, technicians,..
  • modification and adjustment technical improvements and political changes, trends and experiences
  • technical and process know how for international cooperation masterdrafted feasibilities, training programmes, excursions, consultancy, evaluations
  • cooperation partners:
    • GIZ/ InWEnt (Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung gGmbH
    • developmental NGOs, church organisations
    • international bodies (APCTT, UNDP Turkmenistan, IREDA India, SENATI Peru,. CEA Seoul,..)
    • Chambers of commerce, private companies

contact us

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