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The new volunteer programme starts identifying project partners in the south for volunteer placement –what about you?

artefact centre for sustainable development has been registered as sending organisation with the new volunteer programme of Germany´s Ministry for development cooperation “weltwärts”

Young German residents may volunteer in a one year learning scheme with the name “solivol” in cooperation with partners in southern countries

Our focus

  • Climate protection, irrigation and reforestation projects
  • Energy efficiency with improved household technologies
  • Introduction of renewable energy sources
  • (solar thermal, solar home systems, small wind, biogas, hydropower, local plant oil) in education, demonstration projects and small enterprises
  • Sustainable housing, water supply and sanitation
  • Income generating activities, fair trade and micro credits for sustainable development
  • Micro projects for “gold standard” emission trading
  • Lobbying and awareness raising in North and South activities

You are involved in similar projects, technology transfer or other activities and are interested in hosting volunteers? Don´t hesitate to get in touch with us!


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