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artefact in Gluecksburg – how to get there ?

Gluecksburg is located about 10 kilometres east of Flensburg at the Baltic Sea coast, next to the German-Danish border and Flensburg Fjord.
The artefact site is not far from the town´s centre and the famous water castle, close to a landscape protection area.

Adress: Bremsbergallee 35 D-24960 Gluecksburg , Germany phone 0(049)4631-61160

Arrival by train:
Flensburg railway station is well connected with the German and Scandinavian railway network. From the north you travel from Malmö/Copenhagen or Frederikshavn via Kolding, from the south trains from Hamburg, Kiel and Husum arrive once per hour, night trains from Basel and Munich may go straight to Flensburg: check
At Flensburg railway station you may catch a city bus to the “ZOB” (Central Bus station) or walk some 15 minutes. There bus nr. 21 goes to Gluecksburg-Bremsberg once per hour (
There are also taxis available straight to artefact.

Arrival by car:
The European highway E45 (in Germany: A7) from Hamburg to Kollund/Denmark passes near Flensburg. Take the departure 3 Flensburg/Glücksburg and just follow the signboards to Gluecksburg.
In Gluecksburg you go straight until leaving the water castle at your left. At the next (and only) red light turn right and follow the “Powerpark” signs via Bahnhofstraße and Aeroallee to Bremsbergallee.

Safe journey !


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