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artefact operates the Centre as...

...a meeting-place for educational programmes and congresses with a futuristic infrastructure:

LinieSeminar and convention rooms constructed with materials that save energy and do justice to location specifications

LinieLiving and common rooms in attractive international cobwork design

LinieIndependent energy supply from renewable resources with modern solar-wind-biomass power plant

LinieWater resource savings techniques and ecological sewage purification

...a place for practical training programmes in environmental technologies, environmental management and environmental pedagogics:

LinieCourses and workshops in a unique energy park with demonstration and experimental facilities for both experts and laymen

LinieVisitors' programmes with excursions, inspection of operations and cultural events

LinieEnvironmental and developmental pedagogics for teachers and trainees

LinieInternational technological exchange in the Scandinavian border region

LinieGentle tourism and sensitization to environment, development and Agenda 21

solar school

Our customers:

Many thousands of visitors and course participants from 50 countries around the world from the areas of business, the skilled trades, education, politics and society, for example

- Skilled trade boards, professional associations, chambers of commerce
- The Carl-Duisberg Association
- The German Foundation for International Development (DSE)
- University courses
- Associations involved in community politics
- Organizations from church and society
- Schools and authorities
- 3,000 pupils for day projects

...development and dissemination of innovative environmental technology

LinieConsulting on ecological construction methods, energy supply, etc. for the skilled trades, community policy-making, planners and individuals

LinieIdeas on going into business based on advanced ecological and economic concepts in areas such as material developments, energy supply and waste avoidance

LinieDevelopment and marketing of environmentally and socially compatible products with regional and foreign partners


Adaptation of technology for sustainable

project development

Workshop for counterparts and decision makers

in North-South cooperation

Basic training on the identification of sustainable energy supply, housing concepts and water management for development projects in theory and practice

in Glücksburg/Baltic Sea

artefact is a non profit making organisation dedicated to the application and dessimination of economically viable, ecologically and socially appropriate technologies for regionally and internationally sound and sustainable development.

The Centre for Appropriate Technology and International Development Cooperation maintains a seminar and conference building erected with innovative architecture from three continents, the use of local resources for energy efficient and healthy construction technics and with its own power generation: solar energy, wind power and biomass guarantee electricity surplus throughout the year.

Germany´s first Energy Infotainment Park with other internationally relevant demonstration and trial plants attracts ten thousands of visitors every year and is the ideal training ground for workshops, specialist seminars and application tests: Indian biogas plants, nubian vaults, fire wood saving cookers, irrigation and electrification systems for different climatic conditions are tested and operated. - and evaluated for their compatibility or modi-fication in order to fit into other framework conditions. Technology adjustment, participatory apraisal, project management and private-public partnership are the artefact keys for sustainable development.

Success stories can be seen next door: EVN Ltd. installing biomass gasification and cogeneration plants in the region, Pro Lehm manufacturing straw adobe tiles and building recycable houses for the regional market - reasons for selecting them together with artefact as decentral WORLD EXPOSITION 2000 PROJECT.

artefact, the 1998 European Solar Price winner, masterdrafts courses in cooperation with partners such as

- German Foundation for International Development DSE

- Carl Duisberg Gesellschaft

- Asian and Pacific Centre for Transfer of Technology

- International Network for Sustainable Energy INforSE

and many other governmental, non governmental and church organisations
All lecturers and practioners of our courses have professional experience abroad. Flensburg University with ist institute „Sustainable Energy Systems and Management“/Appropriate Rural Technologies and Extension Skills is a close cooperation partner.



Tagungsort und Anreise

Glücksburg is located right at the Danish-German border near the Baltic Sea and 10 km off Flensburg, an old harbour town . Close to Glücksburg´s famous water castle and surrounded by a beautiful hilly landscape the artefact centre has direct and frequent bus connection to Flensburg city and railway station.

Flensburg is easily reached every hour by train from Hamburg and Kiel. International trains from Sweden and Denmark pass through Flensburg.

By car , highway A7 (Euroroute 3) connects You with Hamburg and Copenhagen.

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